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Letter: Madera, on my mind

No matter where I go, Madera always comes to mind. My earliest memories are of Madera at Smallfry Preschool. Later at Lincoln Elementary and Liberty High I learned from dedicated teachers and staff members who still remember me. They had a lot to do with my college success.

Even in the Panama (as a Peace Corps Volunteer), playing softball with locals on fields etched out of jungle, I thought about Madera Little League and Babe Ruth League. My coaches sacrificed their afternoons and evenings after work, to teach us the basics. Win or lose, we had fun, so much fun that my first job was umpiring Little League baseball games, which to me, was the best seat in the house.

When I come home, it’s always fun to watch night games at Lion’s Park and remember what it was like to step up to that plate.

Thank you for publishing excerpts from Neighbors, which reminded me that they will always be my neighbors.

— Anson Lihosit,

Author of Peace Corps Epiphanies: Panama


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