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Man on bike collides with SUV

A man on a bicycle ended up under or partially under an SUV last week after he struck the vehicle in the driver’s side door, according to witnesses who were passing by after the collision. The man may have seen the vehicle too late and tried to stop, and laid the bicycle down in an attempt to avoid the crash, they said.

The 64-year-old man was reportedly riding the bicycle east bound with traffic on Cleveland Avenue into town on June 12th, about 9:30 am when a white SUV with a female driver was northbound on north Granada Drive when the two collided.

Madera police Sgt. Mark Trukki said both parties had reportedly stopped at the stop signs and were then in motion when incident occurred. “No tickets were issued.

The man was taken to Madera Community Hospital with complaints of pain,” he said.

Officers urge all drivers to watch out for bicyclists, and say anyone on a bicycle crossing traffic in a crosswalk is required to get off the bike and walk it across for safety. Children under 18 are also required to wear a helmet anytime while on a bike.


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