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Letter: Capitalism, unchecked

Technology gives us the ability to do amazing things. With the weather and resources we’ve been blessed with, there should be an abundance for all. As capitalism becomes unbalanced however, competition becomes unhinged.

In California’s countryside, we compete against ourselves in world markets that we produce more than 80 percent of. We tap our groundwater to the limits. We blow crud into our sky and beat up our country roads. All so the world gets to buy our resources and hard work, as cheaply as possible.

Really gets crazy seen alongside the enormous wealth of a few in our big cities. Their firehoses of cash, fed by raw capitalism, gets tapped by greed and corruption but relatively little for common good.

That’s capitalism, and we keep grabbing the tail and kicking the butt. Time to saddle up.

We are willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to ramp up border security. A strong Peace Corps with a few resources could halt the migration headed this way. With a few supplies, a little off-the-grid technology, the way here would be rich with development.

Better for them to stay closer to their home. Most cannot thrive within our process until they learn it and become dependent on it while forgetting how to raise stock and grow crops. They could become self supportive with the development of a few technologies that we depend on, take for granted and like to forget.

Show them how they can thrive and be responsible for themselves. Give them the ability to develop markets so they can profit from their own hard work and be able to help others. A virtual wall of capitalism that would pay for itself many times over.

They are a problem, if viewed that way or a resource that is willing to work hard and live almost anywhere. With a little support and guidance many places along the way could benefit. It’s easiest, cheaper and safer, for a happy border.

It is a task Bureaucracy is ill-suited for, it needs to be simple, on an individual scale. Empower those few of us who know how to produce wealth from the land; they are primary to society and enable all we do.

It’s an applied skill set and attitude that would be useful, inside our own country as well as world wide. There is a desperate need, if only big money could take small interest.

— Richard DaSilva,


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