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Moreno wins DA spot over Hornick

DJ Becker/The Madera Tribune From left, Madera County Sheriff Jay Varney stands with newly elected Madera County District Attorney Sally Moreno, Tina Reed and Amy Varney at the victory celebration held Tuesday night at the Tap House on Schnoor Avenue.


Experienced prosecutor Sally Moreno won a decisive victory Tuesday over relative newcomer and prosecutor Paul Hornick.

The ballot totals were 12,328 to 9,814.

Both Moreno and Hornick had funded yard signs and gone door to door, and covered a lot of ground in the race but in the end, reputation and local endorsements mattered more.

Hornick had relocated from Colorado after four years in the Army transportation corps and had only recently become an attorney and prosecutor in California under the current, outgoing Madera DA David Linn.

Moreno said she was looking forward to returning to the DA’s office and getting down to business, and was optimistic about the challenges and cases ahead.

Madera County Sheriff Jay Varney said his experience in working previously with Moreno in the DA’s office had made the difference clear for him. “She’s worked hard to earn this victory and she put together a good coalition with a lot of folks. She’s a serious and hardworking prosecutor. I was proud to endorse her and am looking forward to working with her as our new (Madera County) district attorney.” Varney said.

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