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Writer tells why he’s supporting Sally Moreno

The position of District Attorney is critical to the safety and security of all Madera County residents. It necessitates an immense amount of time to gain the experience and qualifications required to be an effective District Attorney.

Sally Moreno is the only candidate who has been a police officer, a military veteran and a prosecutor for over 20 years. She is prepared to take this vital leadership responsibility on day one. She will bring back the much-needed respect to the office because she is a person of unquestionable character and integrity.

In her years as a prosecutor she had worked with law enforcement leaders in this area. They know her character and work ethic. That is why District Attorneys in neighboring counties, our Sheriff Jay Varney and every other Madera Sheriff, Mariposa Sheriff Doug Binnewies, and many senior law enforcement managers in Chowchilla, Madera, and the Sheriff’s Department have endorsed her. See a list at

Sally Moreno will create a strong and successful organization. Her priorities will be to: 1) to keep victims of crime safe by incarcerating serious and violent felons, 2) provide leadership and mentorship from the front to rebuild the DA’s office, 3) find and develop new effective ways to keep Madera County safe.

It is my pleasure to support and vote for Sally Moreno for Madera County District Attorney.

— Gary Gilbert

Retired Madera County Fire Chief/CalFire

Former Madera County Supervisor, District 5

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