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Political campaign fatigue is setting in

Is everyone as tired of election advertising as I am?

Television, radio, direct mailers and even telephone calls are everywhere. Voting in the upcoming election is extremely important. Like jury duty and paying taxes, voting is part of the responsibility of good citizenship.

State and local candidates, state and local ballot measures make for a multi-page ballot. Ballots must be returned by 8 p.m. on Nov. 6.

Ballots have been mailed and include a return postage paid envelope. You must sign the blue return envelope to insure your ballot is counted. If you are planning to mail your ballot don’t wait until the last minute to send it. Ballot drop-boxes and vote centers are available in the days prior to the election. They are at the Madera County Government Center, Oakhurst Community Center, City of Chowchilla Civic Center, Liberty High School Theater in Madera Ranchos, Oak Creek Senior Living Clubhouse in Coarsegold and the John Wells Youth Center in Madera.

Ballot drop box are available outside Madera County Government Center, City of Chowchilla Civic Center, North Fork Tribal Office, inside Oakhurst Grocery Outlet and States Foods Market in Madera Ranchos.

Included with the ballots is the County Voter Information Guide. It explains the ballot measures and introduces the candidates. Using a pen color in the bubbles corresponding to your selection. Do not use red ink.

The ballot measures are always important. They represent possible changes either dreamed up by the legislators or conceived by lay-people. Either way we have little way to know if the brain-trusts who devised the measures are fixing an existing problem or making it worse. We can only hope these people have the collective good in mind and have not been bought by special interests.

Pretty cynical attitude but that is how I roll. In the last six decades I have been disappointed in the political process to the point I no longer care about many aspects of the candidates.

JFK was gunned down in Dallas, Bobby Kennedy was killed before the DNC National Convention could make him its standard-bearer. Not near old enough to vote for Jack in 1964 or RFK in 1968; their deaths forever tainted American Politics at least for me and many of my generation. Dirty tricks on the campaign trail are shameful.

I know how I am voting but it is not my job to use this space to endorse anyone by sharing those choices. I don’t care for whom you vote as long as you show up and do your duty!

I am tired of the so-called career politicians. If they have been in office several terms and have been unable to accomplish all the things they are promising in their campaign ads by now, they won’t be able to do them if re-elected. How many more years are we supposed to give these ineffective bozos?

I support President Trump because I have seen America under Obama, Bush, Clinton and they made matters worse.

Trump has the country running well when he isn’t being harassed by members of both parties. People act like his outrageous behavior should bring on our collective condemnation. I knew when I voted for him he was a game-changer. How can you be surprised the game has been changed.

Long days and pleasant nights, have a great weekend.

• • •

Readers, may contact Tami Jo Nix by emailing or following @TamiJoNix on Twitter.

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