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Do some yoga, have a nice nap

Someone — it must have been a person who runs a yoga studio — declared June 21 as Yoga Day, and it made me think: If it is possible to declare June 21 as Yoga Day, it might be possible to have it declared as just about any day.

On Yoga Day, perhaps we are to put our legs up around our necks and hold the pose. I believe I will pass on that one. My joints pop loudly enough as it is.

How about a Nap Day instead? I am an Olympic napper. I love taking naps. I take naps after I wake up in the morning. I take naps before I go to sleep at night, and I even nap while I sleep. The reason I know this is that I dream about napping. I even nap while I work. I am napping as I write this (but maybe you’ve already figured that out).

There is a branch of medicine that strongly recommends what it calls “power naps.” These doctors are known as NDs (Doctors of Napping).

• • •

The latest out of Sacramento (aka Psychomento) is that CalTrans is spending government money on big, expensive signs advertising against the voter-led effort to overturn the Democrat-backed gas tax. Uh, that’s against the law.

The gas tax was passed because the Legislature had misused the humongous sums they already were receiving from existing fuel taxes.

California has the worst roads in the nation, but it isn’t because the state has been starved for fuel taxes. The state already had one of the highest — if not the highest — levels of fuel taxation. It didn’t have a tax problem. The problem has been that too many of those we send to the Legislature think that money is theirs to spend on whoever wants to sell them the most votes for that money.

A lot of that money has been going to mass transit — which is a notorious gobbler of dollars. Where an individual bus passenger may pay only about $1.75 per ride, the actual cost born by the taxpayers is $3.25. Of course, that varies by location. But no municipal transit operation comes anywhere close to having fares meet the actual costs of operation. The taxpayers foot most of the transit bill. Also, there is no evidence that buses are more environmentally friendly than cars. Cars pollute far less than buses, both in total and per passenger.

That Legislature-passed gas tax largely keeps those money-losing carbon-belching buses on the road.

• • •

The people who were crying crocodile tears over the detention centers where children of illegal immigrant adults were being held were calling them concentration camps, and a more stupid statement probably hasn’t been uttered in this entire year.

Whoever makes those comparisons knows nothing about what the 6 million Jews who suffered and lost their lives in the German death camps went through.

They were starved and worked to death; they were gassed, and their bodies burned in mass graves; they were shoved into pits and then shot to death as they struggled to get out. Now, you might ask, why are the children being held and treated like hotel guests? The answer is simple: A law that was written by Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein in 2008, and passed by bipartisan vote. This law says, rightly, that it was illegal to incarcerate children with their parents if the parents were hauled off under suspicion of breaking the law.

• • •

I think it is wrong to worry about how we treat aliens. The problem is not the United States. Mexicans flock to the United States. The problem is Mexico. Why are the poor uneducated Mexicans fleeing Mexico? It’s because Mexico is an economic pig pen set up to favor money-grabbing oligopolists. It is terrorized by drug cartels who manufacture and sell illegal substances to its neighbors — aka the United States. It makes war on its poorest. The real concentration camp is Mexico.

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