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Resident takes issue with claims by candidates

Election time. Deception. Lies. Stretching the truth.

Sally Moreno’s rebuttal in the last issue of the Tribune explained the exaggerations of her military service that she placed on her pamphlet for election. She said she was Airborne. I asked her at the fair (where she had a booth), “Were you 82nd or 101st? My son was in the 82nd. I flew the jump plane for 2 1/2 years.” She then said she was “Airborne trained.” What’s that? She indicated she was “Desert Storm”. Just because you are “IN” the service at a time of conflict does not make you a veteran. L.A. is a long ways from Iraq.

Poythress says he is a farmer. His FAMILY is. HE farms like Costa! He sent a campaign flyer showing tax checks from Tacherra, saying he didn’t pay his taxes on time. Poythress is a banker. How did he get copies of Johnny’s checks? Isn’t that kind of private? Are my checks public record?

I wouldn’t bank where he works. What is he going to use next? I have farmed for close to 50 years. Some of those years it was hard to pay bills. Even canceled magazine subscriptions.

I can see Johnny paying taxes late and choosing to feed his cows. Animal rights people should understand that.

Because of the above, we are voting for David Linn and Johnny Tacherra.

— Bill and Gloria Hoffrage,


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