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Reader likes column on Randa Jarrar

You were spot-on in your editorial about Randa Jarrar. She should remain an employee of FSU for $1 a year, which would be much more than she would receive in Kuwait. To attack the grandmother of America was as repulsive as it gets.

Unfortunately FSU has other professors who spew out their humanistic, God-denying biased ignorance in the front of their students. There are those of the philosophy department that defy the laws of science while bludgeoning students who do not go along with their atheistic mindset. Thus, Jarrar is not that unusual for the cast of teachers to be found at our local university.

May God bring them the truth of His existence in a life-changing way before they meet Him on the other side of life, where slanderous remarks will do them no good.

— The Rev. Randall Brannon,

Grace Community Church,


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