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Maderan feels she must respond

As I have read the account of the financial situation of the City of Madera and the City Council’s response to the citizenry, I feel compelled to respond in a hopefully helpful way.

The salary levels of the top administration personnel, coupled with the sudden departure of Mr. Tooley, have caused a great concern among the inhabitants of Madera, as is reasonable. Further, the council’s response seems to be to stall on taking any action in the hope that the voters will get tired and frustrated enough to let it go. The saying in politics is, “the public has a short memory.” While none of this is illegal or criminal it is not trust instilling. I recommend to the council to recognize that a breach of trust has come to the attention of the voter and it is the council’s responsibility to repair that breach. The most efficient way is to bring in an outside auditor with no prior connection to the city and cooperate fully with them. That would look honest and forthcoming.

The council’s attempt to avoid ‘opening the books’, so to speak, looks like a cover-up at best and criminal at worst. Pay attention or this public might remember at election time.

— Ramona Key,


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