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Letter: Pricey travel costs taxpayers

Trump’s subordinates are being criticized for high-cost travel for questionable use. Pelosi also is being criticized for the same thing.

I agree. Quite often, bad choices are made and penalties should follow. Government takes from the rest of us all too often in the name of service. Sam Rayburn, the Democratic Texas congressman who was the 43rd speaker of the House, was a good example. It was a joke that his plane could not start until the liquor cabinet was fully stocked.

Pelosi commandeered a 757 for travel back and forth to San Francisco and D.C. Mostly loaded with family members. Even at local levels. Meetings are in Monterey.

Budget “cuts” only involve us, not them. Just like our aquifer, overdraft will take it all.

— Bill Hoffrage, Madera

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