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Inside the Game - San Joaquin Mem. 48, Madera South 20

Player of the game: Jaylan Neal was the top player for the Stallions, and scored both touchdowns for Madera South in the second half. His interception against Memorial was made deep in Stallion territory, and resulted in a pick six. In scoring the last touchdown of the game, a 25-yard pass from Johnson, he made sure Madera South finished a hard game with dignity.

Play of the game: Neal’s pick six was a moment of rare excitement for Madera South. It was the first score of the second half for the Stallions, and saved them from another touchdown by the Panthers, who were deep in Stallion territory.

Unsung Hero of the game: In what proved to be a rough night for the Stallions, Maurice McClain proved to be in good form throughout the evening. After running in for a touchdown on a kickoff, he was called back near midfield due to a penalty. This did not, however, stop the Stallions from scoring in the drive, with McClain himself running in the ball for a 20-yard touchdown, which put Madera South on the board.

Drive of the game: The final drive for the Stallions in the first quarter started with them being brought back to midfield after McClain ran a touchdown on the kickoff. However, they were able to score on the 47-yard drive, thanks to a nail-biting 4th down conversion by Jonah Johnson. McClain got his touchdown in the end after a 20-yard carry, and the point was a much needed boost for Madera South’s morale.


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