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Stallions in Action: Only beginning, and going by so fast

Just like every other school year in high school, this year is going by fast. The students and staff at Madera South have kept very busy.

Just this past weekend, we had our first dance of the school year... the Sadie Hawkins Dance. The theme of the dance was Disney, and all of the students who attended looked “magical” from Mickey and Minnie to Carl and Ellie.


The following big events at Madera South will be the CBS morning match-up and Homecoming week. The morning match-up will take place this Friday, Sept. 9, where all of the students who go will have the chance to show spirit and support for our amazing football team on live TV.

This year, the Homecoming parade and game will take place on Oct. 14. We are looking forward to the exciting events that are coming up and hope that you all keep up with Madera South as the “Stallions Explore the Eras” during Homecoming.


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