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Annual event will celebrate military and first responders

In recognition of America’s military, and Madera County’s first responders, the Madera District Fair will be holding Community Day, and will also be expanding the already popular Safety Zone feature of the fair.

“It’s our opportunity to celebrate our community,” said Madera District Fair events coordinator Barbara Leach. “And all the people involved in it.”

The Community Day will be held on Sept. 8 on the opening day of the Madera District Fair. According to Leach, it was held last year as well, but this year, the event will increase in size and scale. It will include a flag ceremony at the front gates of the fairgrounds, and the presentation of the colors by the VFW.

On Community Day, all military personnel, both active-duty and veterans, and all first responders, will be given free admission. This offer will extend to all senior citizens and children younger than 12, as well.

There will also be a partnership with the Madera County Food Bank, and $2 off admission for anyone who brings two cans of food upon entering the fair.

This event, however, will not just focus on the first responders and the military, but on the Madera community as a whole. On the opening day, there will be a Community Business Fair, in which small businesses will be able to share information about their products and services. Those benefiting will be small businesses that lack the resources for a four-day booth at the fair, and will be provided a space for a day.

“It’s all-encompassing. When we think of community, obviously, it’s agencies like that, which provide protection and serve our citizens. When we think of community we think of businesses that made Madera County unique, and wonderful. We think of nonprofit agencies that provide services, and meet the needs of certain demographics within our community,” Leach said. “This year’s theme is called: ‘It’s Your Fair,’ and so we’ve taken every opportunity to really celebrate the community on a whole to say, ‘you’ve shaped the Madera District Fair over the years, and your involvement, your participation, both within the fair, and throughout the fair, within the community makes a difference.’”

To further celebrate the armed forces and first responders, there will also be an extension to the already popular Safety Zone. Previously held in the skating rink of the Madera District Fairgrounds, this year, the Madera District Fair has provided the zone with a larger space in the middle of the fair. The zone, which will be held in a 40x80 ft. tent, will include displays and information about eight different military, safety, and law-enforcement agencies, including the Madera Police Department, Cal Fire, Crime-Stoppers, and the U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers.

Vehicles for these agencies will also be on display outside of the tent, and school tours for the Safety Zone will also be available.

The Safety Zone will also be available for all four days of the fair.

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