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Ebonknights hold 4th reunion

“Back in the day…” is an expressions used often last Saturday night. The “Ebonknights,” an authentic, 1960s, Madera garage band’s performance reminiscent of the sock-hops held in the Madera High School gymnasium. This during an era when the high school gyms were gender identified rather than by the directions north and south, as they are now.

“After-game dances, Sadie Hawkins and the prom were mostly held in the boy’s gym,” said Joan Loquaci.

Loquaci and her daughter K.c. Pomering organized the party at the Madera Golf and Country Club on Road 26. The sold-out event resembled a high school reunion comprised of Coyotes from the 1960s and 1970s. Needless to say no one at the party were ‘carded,’ or asked to prove they were 21.

The opening act, playing dance tunes from the 1960s, came from the band Proxy of Sacramento. The percussionist is former Madera musician Myron Gomes. While Gomes’ drum set is a 21st century technological wonder in front of that gear sat the original old school drumhead bearing the name Ebonknights...


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