County seeks water funding

January 27, 2018

As part of an effort to improve special districts’ aging water infrastructures, Madera County continues to seek funding opportunities through California State Water Resources Control Board  Proposition 1 funding.

The capital is available either through grant funding or low-interest loans, and will be the impetus to improve the water systems for special districts throughout the county.

The Madera County Public Works staff  procured over 10 approved improvement projects amounting to more than $10 million in funding through the water board.

The Board of Supervisors, at its Jan. 23 meeting, approved three of the 10 projects: Hidden Lakes (MD-1), Teaford Meadows (MD-24), and Ahwahnee (MD-46).

The projects will address the declining systems and ultimately improve the water quality standards for these districts.

“We must work together to ensure our infrastructure can be safe, trusted, and affordable for future generations,” said board chair Tom Wheeler, whose district includes these systems.

“The county understands the dire need that most of the special districts are facing regarding their water infrastructure,” said Ahmad Alkhayyat, Madera County Public Works director. “To address this ongoing need, an additional 10 new projects are in the application phase as we continue to seek grants and/or low interest funding opportunities for these communities.”

The Madera County Public Works Department oversees 36 special districts established for the operation and maintenance of water, wastewater, drainage or lighting. Public Works staff operates community water and wastewater systems that spread from the valley floor to the Sierras. Staff provides direct water and wastewater services to approximately 15,000 consumers within Madera County and processes approximately 3.1 million gallons of potable (drinking) water daily to these residents. The infrastructures of the water systems in many of the special districts are in need of improvement.

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