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City of Madera Awarded $5 Million for sewer project

California State Senator Anna M. Caballero’s office recently announced that millions of dollars were secured in this year’s budget to help support key projects statewide and in her district.

Of the funding announced, $5 million was awarded to the City of Madera for the Avenue 13 (Pecan Avenue) Sewer Trunk Main Rehab Phase 1.

“Funding for the Avenue 13 Sewer Trunk Main Rehabilitation Project comes at a crucial moment, as the project is essential to protecting the quality of life in Madera,” said Madera City Manager Arnoldo Rodriguez. “Following the completion of a sewer system condition assessment, the City discovered approximately five miles of sewer trunk pipeline displaying signs of extensive corrosion, with approximately 1.5 miles being at a particularly high risk of failure. Failure of this sewage main, which is the sole sewer interceptor pipeline carrying wastewater from the City of Madera general region to the wastewater treatment facility, would have severe if not disastrous consequences for our community.

“With funding secured, the City will begin construction on this vital piece of infrastructure without delay, avoiding a possible municipal emergency and without burdening today’s ratepayers during trying times with high inflation. This project will ensure that wastewater systems in the City remain intact and functioning properly.

The City of Madera is thankful for Senator Caballero’s advocacy and commitment to ensuring Madera has the critical resources necessary to ensure the reliable and robust wastewater infrastructure necessary for our community to continue to safely grow and thrive.”

The city was also awarded $3.5 million for the project by Congressman Costa’s office earlier this year. In total, the city has been awarded $8.5 million for the Avenue 13 Sewer Trunk Main Rehabilitation project.


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