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Chowchilla celebrates centennial

Nancy Simpson/The Madera Tribune

Stacy Wisener with the City of Chowchilla reveals the contents of a 25 year old time capsule during the Centennial Party in the Park at Veterans Memorial Park on Friday in celebration of Chowchilla’s 100 year anniversary.


It was a hot day, but dozens of families gathered to enjoy the festive celebration of fun, food, and entertainment in Veterans Park in Chowchilla. It is the 100-year anniversary of Chowchilla. The park was filled Friday evening, with vendors and activities for all ages.

The focus of the event was the opening of two time capsules. A table was set up in the park to display the items found inside the capsules. Before the opening of the two capsules, Councilman John Chavez made a short speech about the history of Chowchilla, which was incorporated on February 2, 1923. He gave a brief calendar of events during this centennial year. The final celebration will be a Centennial Dinner on September 23 at Chowchilla Fairgrounds.

Originally four capsules were supposed to be buried, but only two of them were completed. The two were found and brought to the Centennial celebration to be opened.


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