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Fire fills north central Madera with smoke

DJ BeckerThe Madera Tribune

A firefighter battles a wind driven grass fire about 11:30 Saturday night off of Owens Street just north of Sherwood Way.


A fire of unknown origin erupted about 11:30 Saturday night off of Owens Street, north of Sherwood Way. Wind gusts pushed the wall of flames through the tall, dry vegetation and blanketed much of north central Madera with heavy smoke, briefly causing concern among nearby residents. An adjacent small spot fire started by blowing embers was quickly extinguished.

The property was vacant, according to CalFire Captain Chris Trindade and the fire burned about a half acre of vegetation before being stopped by fire crews. “It completely destroyed a small shed, several debris piles, and one non operational vehicle. The structure, an empty mobile home, was saved with no damage. There were no injuries. We had four engines and one water tender. There was no (electrical) power source involved. The cause is still under investigation,” he said.

There were no signs of squatters nearby, Trindade said, but there were some fireworks reported earlier in the area.

Neighbors said they had repeatedly called local officials and requested the overgrowth at the property be mowed but with no avail.

Trindade encouraged everyone to be prepared for the 4th of July, review (weed and debris) clearances around their homes, and be aware of the dangers of fireworks and how quickly grass fires can spread.

Anyone with information on the cause of the fire is asked to call 661-5497.

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