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Letter: The struggle-filled history of Madera County’s roads

Madera roads have always been poor. Since day one they were built on dirt alone.

Measures A an T were sold as a means of repair and maintenance. We voted for them.

The money was really meant for the bridge on 41 San Joaquin and the Ellis overpass. Both of the measures were used to feed developers. Both had reflections to the same family.

Why did this board hire an outside company to tell us the roads are bad?

This was money badly spent and I think the board members should be accessed the cost. Paid out of their pockets.

Article in Tribune did not give us that cost. Curious as to what it was.

The road I live on fits the category of abandonment and should be closed to public use. County uses it as a drain for the 15 1/2 and 23 intersection. Purposely put a culvert under 23 to send the water west, creating a pond that can be a foot deep at our corner!

The County doesn’t even put up a “Flooded” sign! If they close it, we can patch it ourselves.

I and others have no confidence in our road department or board. Next study will be “Why do the trees we plant in front of the stop signs block them from view?”

— Bill Hoffrage,


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