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Opinion: POTUS and the state of the union

The arrogant patriarchs who run this country finally went back to work, at least for a little while. Funding is in place until at least Feb. 15 to keep the monster cluster-jug called the United States Federal Government running.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced this week that the House will be in session all five days next week as funding is set to run out on Friday. Prior to this, the plan was for them to work only the first three days of the week. How is it these Bozos don’t have 40-hour work weeks?

Their staffs do all the actual work needed by the constituents. The members of the House and the Senate should have been at their desks every day, weekends included, until the all federal jobs were fully funded and employees who do the actual work were guaranteed not to miss their paychecks.

Congress, better known as the adult supervision that runs this country, doesn’t care about the people they employ or represent. The chance of their caring about the wellbeing of the rest of us is non-existent. The only time we exist for them is when it is time for us to re-elect their lazy bones. These over-privileged elitists need to have term limits imposed and to be shown to the door if they have already exceeded that limit. How they keep being re-elected is a mystery to me.

Our POTUS is trying desperately to secure our southern borders to keep out illegal aliens. The term illegal alien has fallen out of favor. The politically correct squad has deemed it offensive. I get so tired of that. In addition, the phrase illegal immigrant is frowned upon too. The term used in polite company now is an undocumented worker.

Hey, if a burglar breaks into your house, does that make him an undocumented resident? I don’t think so. Another reason to close our borders and carefully vet anyone wanting entrance to this country is the communicable diseases they could be carrying.

There are members of Congress who are doing everything they can to stop the president from securing our borders. Most of them seem to be Democrats. His wall is an unpopular solution for closing our southern border at least on Capitol Hill. Many of the electorates are very much in favor of that wall.

A loud contingent is incensed he isn’t making Mexico pay for the structure as he bragged during the presidential campaign.

When he ran for president, he didn’t fully understand what powers the chief executive is able to wield. No one but the men who have occupied the Oval Office actually know that.

People continue to be outraged that the president characterized the hoards flooding the country’s southern border as drug dealers, rapists, killers and criminals. Not enough is being said about the communicable diseases the hordes of illegal aliens are bringing in.

Cases of Scabies, MRSA, staph, chickenpox, tuberculous, hepatitis, leprosy, influenza and measles are among the contagious diseases the border agents say are being brought in by the illegal aliens pouring across the border between Texas and Mexico.

I think it is time we close all of our borders and keep out all would be immigrants and foreigners until a vetting system is repaired. No visas issued for a couple of years would give the system breathing room and lawmakers time to explorer options. We can put up a sign that says sorry America is closed until further notice.

On Tuesday, President Trump delivered the State of the Union Address. Seated behind POTUS were Vice President Pence and Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Were you to look in the dictionary under apoplexy it would not surprise me to see Madam Speaker’s face. Her expression throughout the address was a scary sight. If her mouth had stretched any farther into that straight line, it would have popped like an overwrought rubber band.

The strange Democratic response was delivered by Stacy Abrams. However, it was a commercial for her next run for governor of Georgia. Her personal anecdotes were in no way a response to any of the excellent points made by President Trump. How will her opponents get equal time and exposure in the next four years? Very strange and surreal.

Long days and pleasant nights to you; have a great weekend.

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Readers, may contact Tami Jo Nix by emailing or following @TamiJoNix on Twitter.

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