Ford Demands R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Trump’s aggression against Dr. Christine Ford, when he has never met her and knows nothing about the situation, makes one cringe. Trump is himself an “abuser of women” including Non-disclosure Agreements, so it is not unexpected that he would think “attempted” rape on a female is no big deal.

Well, it is a big deal because it reveals Kavanaugh’s real character. We have too many “female abusers” and “models” running around the White House now. A person can’t be convicted on thoughts alone. If one enters a bank and thinks fleetingly about robbery, there is no problem. But, when you actually act out on your criminal thoughts, that changes the problem. It seems that Kavanaugh has even referred to his past criminal behavior in his speeches and writings. Women don’t forget rapes they have suffered. Trump is stupid for saying Dr. Ford should have reported the sinister acts 36 years ago. She, as a young girl, reportedly, was trapped by Kavanaugh and his friend(s) and unable to escape.

As a female and a mother this makes me angry.

The elected representatives are supposed to be acting in the best interest of the country. Trump says Kavanaugh is a “wonderful” man. Well, there are tons of “wonderful” men lawfully in prison. Are there no other Republicans who are wonderful and educated, but not rapists who can be considered for the lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court? Let the FBI investigate. Throw the bums OUT!

— Loraine Goodwin,