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Maderans air condolences, praise, anger

The Madera Tribune received the following comments online about articles and local happenings. Billington, led local museum effort, dies

Educator and civic activist Grady Billington died early Monday at 85. He was a teacher, principal and school district administrator, and also helped lead the San Joaquin Valley Paleontology Foundation in the construction of the Fossil Discovery Center paleontological museum on Avenue 21 1/2 north of Madera. At the time the Fossil Discovery Center was built, he was president of the foundation.

“Susana Molina” wrote, “May he Rest in Eternal Peace.”

“Michelle Garcia” wrote, “A good man... rest in peace.” Rants and raves

Rants — In response to an earlier comment about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau making an official visit to San Francisco, where he promoted Canada as a destination for California technology firms, “Patrick Odom” wrote, “Now why would California let the U.S. Constitution stop them? They already flaunt their constitutional abuses with no real repercussions and as long as the government is furthering the extreme leftist ideology of the coast why would liberal rags care or report on how this is unconstitutional?”

“Tom Odom” wrote, “Tell me what the difference is between what California is doing now and what the southern states did pre civil war.”

Rave — Valley Clean Air Now held its Tune In & Tune Up event at the Madera District Fairgrounds on Feb. 10, to help locals get their cars smog checked or repaired to meet California smog checked standards. “Daniel Brian Abril Jr.” wrote, “Thanks Madera!”

Rave — An editorial piece by Rod Diridon Sr. in The Mercury News detailed the benefits of having the high-speed rail, and why it should continue being built. “Carlos Gomez” wrote, “I love this idea this will employ many thousands of good paying jobs that will be taxed by federal and state using taxpayers money to create forever jobs is good investment for the people forcing our federal and state to give this project money to maintain its operations is better then sending money out of the country tons of tax dollars should be invested in making America The Elite country of the future.”

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