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City salaries, government continue to draw ire

The Madera Tribune received the following comments online about articles and local happenings. City meeting puts pressure on officials

Madera City Council members were met on the steps of City Hall Wednesday night by a television crew and a group of protesters holding recall signs as the council members gathered for a regularly scheduled council meeting.

“Junaid Lateef” wrote, “Good Luck, Madera, investigations, reviews and all but gotta drain the swamp first.”

“Michelle Garcia” replied, “Let’s hope the good people remember when voting. Replace everyone up for re-election.”

“Mary Wilson Sholler” wrote, “Will the reporter please provide her sources proving Mr. Frazier is getting paid $21,000/month? Accurate reporting is essential during times of unrest. If plans of a ‘recall’ are underway, and if Mr. Frazier’s salary is one of the reasons for it, I ask The Madera Tribune and DJ Becker provide your sources proving this amount. Thank you!”

“Michelle Garcia” replied, citing as a source for said information. “Search both City and County salaries. It will show their full salary with benefits. Remember the benefits have a cost whether it is management leave or insurance. We the taxpayers pay. Unless, there is a project they can defer some of the pay to.”

“Sholler” responded, “I understand your point, My point is that if the paper is going to publish salaries, they should cite their sources and provide accurate and complete information, not cherry picked to support this ‘recall’ narrative. His base salary does not equal 21k per month. We don’t know all the details, for example as you mentioned if his salary is deferred, etc...Too bad the paper doesn’t hire you to write for them, you provide more detailed information that the paper does!”

“Garcia” replied, “Mary Wilson Sholler his benefits should be considered in base pay because that is what his true cost for the job is.”

“Michelle Garcia” wrote, “We need to elect new city council members and County supervisors. Please remember at the voting booth. The salaries at County of Madera are just as high. Wake up citizens we need to stop this! According to the county we are financially stable but the staff can’t get a 2.5 raise.” PG&E scam alert

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is alerting customers in the Central Valley and surrounding areas to be aware of scam activity with criminals posing as PG&E workers, according to SierraNewsOnline.

“Debi Brizendine” wrote, “We’ve had several got a no soliciting sign.”

“Jorge Garcia” wrote, “I always kick them out.” Rants and raves

Rave — Chris Shigihara left the following comment on The Madera Tribune’s Facebook page: “Paul Hornick is one of the most upstanding people I’ve met. I certainly hope he will be accepted by the Madera citizens as the best candidate for Madera County’s District Attorney. He stands with the law enforcement officers in an attempt to clean up the county’s 10-15% of criminals who really need to be put away. Taxpayer money has been wasted on so many situations from the present DA’s office, that we must endorse someone who will protect hard working citizens’ taxes! Please vote for Paul Hornick in the June 5th District Attorney’s race. He will work diligently to not disappoint his constituents.”

Rant — A judge sentenced Obdulia Sanchez, who was driving while live streaming a crash that killed her younger sister to six years and four months in prison, according to KFSN News. “Diane Rutschow” wrote, “That’s all?”

Rant — Maderans wrote in critical response to a letter from Lorraine Goodwin about her complaints over U.S. military spending compared to that of the on-going high-speed rail project. “Michelle Garcia” wrote, “I agree. Take care of our military and our veterans first. Our country would be nothing without the strength of the military.”

Rave — Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks released photography of a bobcat’s natural ability to camouflage in its surroundings, challenging viewers to find it amongst trees. “Andy De la Cruz” wrote, “Ok, I see it, in the middle.”

Rant — The California Department of Fish and Wildlife issued a warning about an influx of large, semi-aquatic rodents that have been caught reproducing within the San Joaquin Valley, according to the Sierra Star. “Vince Rios” wrote, “Target practice.”

Rave — Madera Tribune columnist Bill Coate shared more of the history in Madera from 100 years ago, with a feature photo of a hearse from local funeral home Jay Chapel. “Maggie Vaiarello Stickler” wrote, “Hey, that’s my house behind the Hearse.”

Rant — Madera Votes made notice of city employee salaries in proportion to available services to the public, with mention of several city council members being up for re-election. “Delie N Ralph Montano” wrote, “They should check on child support also, I’ve payed what owed and extra and I’m still paying.”

Rants — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau picked up promises of investments and jobs during his first official visit to San Francisco, where he promoted Canada as a destination for California technology firms frustrated by uncertain U.S. immigration laws, according to the Associated Press. “Sean Thomas” wrote, “Constitutionally speaking, STATE officials have no authority to meet with or make deals with foreign powers.”

“Steve Salter” wrote, “He’s meeting with the wrong people.”

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