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Readers up in arms over local and state officials’ pay

The Madera Tribune received the following comments online about articles and local happenings. David Tooley resigns

City Administrator David Tooley has resigned “for the purposes of retirement,” according to City Attorney Brent Richardson, who made the announcement quickly with no other comment the night of Dec. 13 after a special closed-session meeting of the City Council.

“Diane Rutschow” wrote, “What about the county animal shelter? When are they going to get some money? This is just crazy! They need money!”

“John Anthony” wrote, “BELL!!!!

“Michelle Garcia” wrote, “ I wish the County of Madera held their meeting at night so the public can see what’s going on. Too many administration employees make over 100k and up ... way up. Look into the salaries of the Board of Supervisors. Look at the money their friends have earned.”

“Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “ It’s the County’s time. CAO makes way too much. Check out the County plenty of dirt.” City fiasco editorial

Madera Tribune Editor and Publisher Chuck Doud penned an op-ed regarding the ongoing issues the city is facing concerning employee salaries.

“Bobby Sheikh” wrote, “Here is an addition to Madera Tribune facts, this is the same City Council who pushed to approve the housing inspection code presented by the redevelopment agency.

“On one hand they trying to help the poor find housing, on the other hand same people making housing almost impossible for poor people in this city. The social services and housing authority struggling to find rentals in the city for people.

“A lots of landlords either scared of the code or don’t know it well and don’t want to invest in rental market much anymore, which is making it hard for people to find rental at a reasonable rent.

“With having so much restrictions on top of what Section 8 or social services do on their inspections is not good for rental market. Me personally don’t mind the inspections but the poor consumer will hurt, either they can’t find housing or the costs will be high, meaning very high rent, higher deposits and restrictions.

“Landlords will refrain from renting to people on benefits. Even though the city has friends like Pistoresi or Brar companies who were praised at the time of the meeting (on housing inspection ordinance) for approving this code, when some questioned that housing market will not hold values or people will not invest in rental property in Madera.

“So if you come across a rental with high rent, that new inspection code is the reason which was unanimously approved by our current City Council.”

“Sarah Stutler Machado” wrote,” Wow — all you can take away from this article is how much someone made. Stop being part of the problem and find a solution, like Councilman Rigby.”

“Michelle Garcia” wrote, “ Wow! We taxpayers pay over $60k for a part time supervisor. Maybe we should consider a ballot to reduce their pay to match the city council members.”

“Hector Medina” wrote, “ Well for one athletes receive product endorsements. That would be a clever way to cover these salaries.”

“Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “No one in Madera County is worth that amount of money period. WE HAVE NOTHING HERE NOTHING!!!!”

“Charles Rigby” wrote, “It is an honor to serve our city. Thank You.”

“Debi Brizendine” wrote, “ Way too much!”

“Josiah Garcia” wrote, “Proud of you, Charles Rigby.”

“Tami Gaither Law” wrote, “Smh at the article.”

“Sam Uhler” wrote, “Snakes in the garden.” Stallions place in Chukchansi tournament

After missing the team podium last year, the Madera South Stallions wrestling team returned to the podium with a third place finish after Buchanan and Frontier-Bakersfield during the 2017 Chukchansi Invitational held at Madera South High School.

“Vivian Soria Garcia” wrote, “Very proud of my boy he did a great job.”

“Mari Fernandez-De La Fuente” wrote, “Proud of him too!!! You go, Auggie!!!”

‘Possible’ gas tax

California is moving closer to charging drivers for every mile they drive, according to news sources in San Francisco.

“Sean Thomas” wrote, “No one is putting any kind of ‘tracker’ on my vehicle unless I’ve been convicted of a felony crime. Clear violation of the 4th Amendment.”

“Patrick Odom” replied, “But Sean Thomas, all those regulations and taxes have caused gas prices to soar and therefore make it unaffordable to drive for so many. So unless you want everyone dead in the broken streets due to lack of funding you MUST get on board with this violation of your privacy ... it’s for the greater good dontcha know!”

“Angela Ponte” wrote, “I seen this same article for Colorado.”

“Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “ I’m sick of California. If I could afford to move I would be gone.”

“Jim Clarke” wrote, “ Cheap gas and vehicle registration here. Average $50 a year for tags.”

“Sharon Briscoe” wrote, “Impeach Brown.”

“Russ Ryan” wrote, “ This is absolutely ridiculous.” Wildfires the ‘new normal’

As fires rage in southern California, driving nearly 90,000 people from their homes, recurring governor Jerry Brown explains that that because of climate change such fires could be “the new normal” and “this could be something that happens every year or every few years,” according to sources at

“Marilyn Root” wrote, “The new normal, where is our governor???”

“Jose A. Rubalcava” wrote, “Brown needs to get the hell out as governer.”

“Sharon Briscoe” wrote, “Impeach Brown.” Rants and raves

Rant — The California High Speed Rail Authority continues to tout its construction on the high speed rail project. “Denny Fuller” wrote, “Inside scoop. Won’t ever happen ... can’t get the right of ways. And BART owns everything from Livermore into the city.”

“Lori Boyle” replied, “Geez, Denny Fuller, Buzz Kill.”

Rave — The Madera County Arts Council and The Vineyard Restaurant recently shared their anniversaries over the weekend. “Brenda Williams” wrote, “Omg 40 years ago. I was there working when they first opened. Thanks, sis..”

“Sue Alexander” wrote, “My sister used to be a cook there.”

Rant — Public opinion continues to boil over City of Madera officials’ salaries. “Bobby Sheikh” wrote, “Max 4 years term with no re-run , give other people chance and opportunity.”

Rant — The Deputy District Attorney’s Office of Madera County announced, after a three week trial, Donald Edward Anderson was found guilty of all charges by a jury on Dec. 11, according to the Sierra Star. “Sergio Moreno” wrote, “If he had two prior strikes wouldn’t that double the sentencing on the defendant?”

Rave — Madera County Auditor-Controller Todd Miller announced to the Board of Supervisors on Dec. 12 that Certified Audited financial statements for all Madera County Special Districts have been completed. “Michelle Garcia” wrote, “Awesome job!”

“Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “Congratulations to Miller and staff. It’s the first time in ages the auditor has got a lot of things done.”

Rant — Madera County Sheriff’s Deputies have arrested the second suspect wanted in a Madera County murder and robbery from last month. “Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “Fantastic now save taxpayers money and hang both of them all over cigarettes.”

Rant — With Christmas approaching, annual holiday headaches emerge. But two men are helping people find the perfect tree. “Donna Wausnock Holt” wrote, “Wish I had known.”

Rant — Madera Tribune readers wrote in regarding their views of local and national on-goings. “Jack Porter” wrote, “Who pissed off developer Mike Pistoresi? There is more to the story than traditional media will report. Do a background check on Pistoresi.”

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