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Letter: Bad road resistant to repairs

What? You won’t believe it, either. Avenue 15 (Sunset) between Road 24 and Road 23. A mile of bad road, and it always has been.

Road Department went out there and did two, 200 foot strips. Not 400 feet in one stretch, but two separate places. Leaving 4,880 feet of bad road.

One depression (pot hole) has survived five years of patching. And, guess what, they missed it again. What the heck are they thinking?

Oh, I hit the magic word. Can they ever just fix a whole road? Mountain communities seem to get theirs fixed. Flatland supervisors have no influence, apparently.

On a lighter note (no pun): Check the green traffic light at Walmart going west. It looks like Pac Man. Missing LEDs make neat stuff.

— Bill Hoffrage, Madera


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