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Letter: Back from the land of cheap, consistent coal power

Just got back from Illinois, on the back porch ... oh boy!

Illinois has little or no solar. No TV ads. How come? They do have windmills, but then Chicago is the windy city. Sister’s power bill is 100 bucks a month and her air was on constantly, sucking out the humidity.

Illinois burns coal. Cheap, consistent power. We can’t do that. Too much with emissions. We can’t have nuclear either, ugh, not here. California won’t even buy power from someplace that makes it from unclean stuff! I guess the emissions come out of the socket.

However, we eat Sushi and labeled organic food. Maybe even escargot, yoghurt and Mexican food.

We are running amuck with liberals and Gov. Brown. Forests are mismanaged. Water is mismanaged. Immigration is mismanaged. Schools are mismanaged. Now we are building a mismanaged train! Got to hand it to Brown though. He can sell anything. He did major in Car Sales 101 at Berkeley ... got an A. Too bad he didn’t learn more from his Dad.

—Bill Hoffrage, Madera

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