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Children rescued from drug house

Two children have been placed in protective custody after a search reportedly lead law enforcement to find drugs and decrepit living conditions in a Madera house.

According to Madera Police Sgt. Josiah Arnold, the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) served a search warrant Friday morning on a house in the 900 block of 6th Street and found methamphetamine being prepared to be sold.

“It was actually on top of the scale being weighed out for sales when we got there,” Arnold said, “so it was pretty obvious what they were doing.”

Two children were also found at the home.

The search resulted in the arrests of suspects Victor Reyes, Angelique Lovato, Ashley Wenrich and Joseph Alduenda. Reyes and Lovato have been charged for the drugs and Wenrich for possession and child endangerment. In addition, Lovato had two warrants out for her arrest for burglary, while Alduenda had a warrant out for domestic abuse. Reyes was also allegedly on the run from the Madera County Probation Department.

Arnold said body armor and fake guns were also found in his bedroom.

“The real victims in cases like this are the children,” Arnold said. “Not only were drugs being sold across the street from (Madera High School), but (the Department of) Social Services had to be called after very poor living conditions and methamphetamine were discovered in the areas kids were living.”


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