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Zorro might be a Chihuahua

A few weeks ago, my husband was out for his morning walk, and he had arrived at Rotary Park, when a white Toyota sedan stopped near him. The driver rolled down the car window and threw out a black kitten. The kitten shook his dazed head, and ran away from the car toward my husband, who picked up the cat and carried it home. The cat climbed up onto his shoulders and purred (like a kitten) all the way to our house.

First of all, we were both pretty angry at a person who would throw a cat out of a car window, but we were also very touched by the affectionate ways of this small cat. Talk about personality! This guy has it. He also seems to be a bit insecure, as if the next person will also throw him away.

We named this little guy “Zorro” for two reasons:

1) He is a black cat, and,

2) He jumps around and flies from one place to another.

He lacks only the mask and a cape. Zorro loves attention, almost too much. The first night he was in our house, he slept between us, on our heads, on our stomachs, and everywhere that involved us. We had to incarcerate him into the bathroom in order for us to sleep. (That night, I had thoughts of justification for the Toyota thrower.)

Now, we have had Zorro for more than a month. He is indeed part of our family, and he is still affectionate and clingy. We are glad to have him living in our home. However, I have wondered what kind of a cat he really is. He doesn’t always act like a cat. He purrs, and that is a dead giveaway he is a cat. I’m pretty sure that dogs don’t purr, but Zorro often walks like a dog, and he arranges his tail in a way that reminds me of a dog. He looks quite a bit like a Chihuahua. He comes when I call him (which is NOT cat-like), and he runs to the door to greet me when I come home (also not like a cat).

I even looked on the Internet (always a great source of information) to see if I could find out if a cat and a dog could mate and have an offspring. Our Internet says an emphatic “No.”

But I am not sure.

We have the mark of Zorro. We’re not trading him for anything.

Enjoy your animals. They are blessings to us.

— My love to all,


• • •

The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.

— Proverbs 12:10



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