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When tragedy strikes

It was six years ago when I received a call that my best friend, Jina, had been killed in a car accident. I was at the office when I received the call from her cousin. The police had tried to call me around three o’clock that morning. Apparently, Jina had my number listed as an emergency contact, but I did not hear the phone when that call came through.

When I heard the news, I was in shock, couldn’t believe my very best friend was gone, ripped from my life in one moment. The day before the accident, she had called me, and I was working on something on my computer and didn’t have time to talk with her right then. (Jina’s phone calls were NEVER less than one hour.) I had vowed to myself that I would call her right back as soon as I was finished what I was doing. I never got the opportunity to talk with her again.

Jina and I had gone to college together. We were both re-entry students at Fresno State. We had attended Fresno City College and had a few classes together there, but it was at Fresno State where we became close friends. Both of us were working toward an accounting degree (business administration). 



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