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When the chips are down… eat them!

stu_spivack, Wikimedia Commons

Chips and dips are great anytime, but chips also can be key ingredients in many recipes.


Chips are probably America’s most popular snack, whether they be tortilla, potato, bean, corn, veggie or any other number of tasty ingredients.

I don’t eat chips very often, but I do have my favorites. One of them is the Chili Cheese Fritos, especially if I have some bean dip. I used to be practically addicted to Funyuns, the chips that look like onion rings, but one day out of the blue, I just decided I’d had enough. Sort of like how Forrest Gump finally stopped running.

The day before writing this, I bought a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and some cheese dip mixed with salsa. I was craving them for a snack. We have a new cat (a stray that I think was abandoned), and he was super interested in checking out that cheese dip. I had fed him already, but he is curious about everything, especially food.



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