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What to do with leftover turkey

Famartin, Wikimedia Commons

Consider making turkey pot pie with some of your leftovers.


Just about every year at this time, I scout for recipes that help to use up any leftover turkey meat. My favorite way to use leftover turkey doesn’t even call for a recipe.

I look forward to my annual turkey sandwiches. One type is bread, mustard, slices of turkey and maybe a bit of lettuce for some crunch. The other type is a typical open-faced, hot turkey sandwich. A couple of bread slices (not going to apologize, but I like to use white bread), topped with a mixture of dark and light turkey meat, with gravy poured over everything. Maybe even a spoonful of leftover stuffing to go with it. Heat that up and enjoy.

My mom used to say that she enjoyed the Thanksgiving foods more as leftovers than at the main meal. As a kid, I didn’t really understand why, but as I got older and realized just how much work was involved in preparing a big feast; I finally understood. By the time you place all those platters and casseroles, baskets of hot rolls, etc., on the dining table, you can be too exhausted to fully appreciate all that food.



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