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What’s your weirdness?

I believe that each one of us has some things in our personalities that no one knows about, even those closest to us. It’s not that these things are really secrets, nor are they necessarily bad. They’re just weird things we do. They are such a part of who we are and how we think, that we aren’t even aware of them all the time. We also think no one else does them.

Until recently, I never thought about why it made such sense that I became an accountant, or why math was always one of my strongest subjects in school. The reason is because ever since I was very young, I have had a habit of counting things in my head. I almost always count anything there is to count. There is usually no reason for the count, and after I count, I don’t retain that count in my head. If you were to ask me how many people were in a room or how many glasses were on a table, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell you, but you can almost always be assured that I counted them. It’s a habit I can’t break.

Another habit I have is making groups of fours. Four is my favorite number, and so I like to make be sure there are four of something. I sort laundry by fours (or 16, because that’s 4 x 4). I like to eat things in fours, like cookies and candy. If you were to offer me something, and I can take whatever number I want, watch me. I will take four, unless I am embarrassed for someone to see me take so many. Carrot sticks or celery sticks are items that are probably socially acceptable to pick four.

Some weird things we do are just a matter of preference. I have heard of some people who won’t mix foods on their plates. Some foods cannot touch each other. For me, I like it when they mix. I’d mix up everything on my plate, but that’s just too weird for others to watch, so I don’t do it. But I have some weird food preferences, too. I’ll eat waffles, but I won’t touch a pancake. I know it’s the same batter, but to me, it’s different.

I love pickles, but I will not eat a pickle on a hamburger. If I were to order a hamburger, I want to have pickles on it, but I will take the pickles off and eat them separately. I love the taste of a pickle after it has been on a hamburger, but I won’t eat it ON the hamburger. Weird, I know.

One more weirdness I’ll share with you, and then I promise to stop.

When I pick up a magazine, I begin reading it from the back. I almost always do this. I’m not sure why. It’s just one of those weird things I do.

I am sure each of us has something we do that we don’t share with others. I have just shared some of mine. Email me something about your weirdness at I’m interested. I don’t want to think I am the only one who has weirdnesses.

— My love to all,


• • •

Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you.

— I Peter 4:12



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