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Visit Yosemite introduces activity book

For The Madera Tribune

This free activity book is designed with young adventurers in mind, teaching them valuable lessons on making the most of their time outdoors, how to recreate responsibly and respect the areas the Welcoming Committee calls home.


OAKHURST — The Welcoming Committee of Visit Yosemite | Madera County is a wild cast of characters introduced in 2019 to help the tourism bureau highlight the incredible attractions in southern Yosemite and Madera County.

Since its inception, the Welcoming Committee has grown from seven to 10 members, and, in 2021, they began educating visitors on how to recreate responsibly in the outdoors and protect the home of local wildlife.

The wild cast of characters have appeared in Youtube videos, in a printable activity kit, at select local restaurants on coloring placemats, around Madera County in the form of collectible trading cards as part of the Fossils to Falls Road Trip and Yosemite Adventure Contest, and in the new Recreate Responsibly Activity & Coloring Book.


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