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The mirror has 2 faces

There are some theories about faces, and how you express yourself through your face. I read a book one time that said we each have two sides to our faces (thus, the expression “being two-faced,” I guess). It is said that if you were to cover up one side of your face and look in the mirror, then cover up the other side, and look at your reflection, you will see that one side looks happier than the other.

I have tried this, and sometimes this seems true. My mouth on one side seems to look like a sneer, whereas the “pleasant” side looks like I am more joyful.

I don’t honestly know if this theory holds true for everyone, even for myself all the time. I think when we are looking for something specific, we tend to see it whether it is there or not. I have noticed one thing about myself when I look into the mirror. In order to look the best that I can look (Hmmm.), I tend to give my reflection a pleasant look while I am getting ready, or putting on makeup or just combing my hair.



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