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The dummy at the gas pump

My husband and I have two cars. The one I usually drive is a 2015 Buick Lacrosse — it’s a hybrid. Because I do a lot of running around town, the Buick is the more practical one. It takes any grade of gas, and it gets pretty good mileage. I have driven it almost exclusively for the past four years since we got it in 2019.

Our other car is a 2013 Infiniti, and I really do love driving it. It is a manual transmission, which I really enjoy, and it has the navigation system, which the Buick does not have. It has a few amenities that make me feel I am driving a luxury car. I especially love driving it in the wintertime because the seats have warmers, and the Buick does not have that. The Infiniti has push-button start. The Buick starts with a key. A huge minus for the Infiniti is that it takes premium gas only. This alone has kept me from driving it for all my running-around trips I take every day.

The Buick recently began giving me starter trouble, or at least I was having trouble starting the car. My retired truck driver husband was a mechanic in a previous life, so we never take any of our vehicles to a mechanic shop or dealership for any kind of repairs.


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