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The clock beckons

I just got a great looking clock at our church rummage sale. I can hardly resist a good clock. I don’t know who donated this clock, but (if it works) it will be hanging in the conference room at the Madera Tribune. If you are the donor, come visit it sometime.

At last year’s rummage sale, I got a retro clock (turquoise color) that was electric with a battery backup, and it was in good condition. It was another great clock.

Believe me, an analog electric clock is hard to find nowadays. I had looked for one for several months before magically finding this one at the rummage sale. I specifically wanted an analog (not digital) electric clock. Why? Because when PG&E would cut off the power for whatever reason, the digital clocks would reset to 12:00, and then every electric clock in our house would just blink like crazy. So, I could never tell how long the power had been off. With an analog clock (electric), if the clock is off by one hour, I know the power had been off for one hour. (No, I’m not weird or anything.)


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