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Strawberries team up with rhubarb

Melissa Wang, Wikimedia Commons

This is the time of year for fresh rhubarb and strawberries. Consider teaming them up for a pie or other sweet-tart treats.


June 9 is National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day, but I thought we could delve into some recipes for things that extend beyond just pies, such as jam, bread, cookies, etc. I have four rhubarb plants, but since all of them are growing in containers (due to a severe gopher problem), the plants are not as big as ones that get planted in the ground.

Still, for the past couple of years, the stalks have been of decent size and I even had enough last year to put in the freezer.

My favorite way to eat rhubarb is to make a pie filling, but cook it on the stove and then later, serve it like a pudding. No crust at all. (In most cases, I am not much of a fan of pie crust, especially any made commercially.) When you add fresh, ripe strawberries to rhubarb, it opens up a new world of flavor.


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