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Stolen truck, drugs found on Gateway

Madera County Department of Corrections

Gilbert Castro.


A pickup truck stolen out of Dinuba was found in the 900 block of North Gateway Drive near Rotary Park, along with a small amount of heroin and methamphetamine, according to Madera police.

Sgt. Mark Trukki said officers arrested 50-year-old Gilbert Castro on Monday, about 11 a.m. without incident.

“It was not known what he was doing in Madera, and we have no history with him. An officer being proactive noticed the suspicious vehicle and ran the plate, which came back as stolen. Castro was cooperative and said he had purchased the 2014 Dodge Journey (pickup) days prior, but he had no type of proof to support that claim.” Trukki said.

It is not known if Castro was attempting to sell the drugs or the stolen pickup, worth between $10,000 and $12,000 at retail, while in Madera.

Castro was arrested and charged with possession of the stolen truck, possession of a controlled substance, among other drug sales and paraphernalia charges.

Police records show Castro also had two felony warrants and five misdemeanor warrants for his arrest out of Tulare County. He is being currently held on approximately $200,000 bail.


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