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Sheriffs make copper wire theft arrest

Over the past several weeks, the Madera County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous reports of copper wire thefts throughout the county. Due to the nature and volume of thefts, MCSO Detectives Brendan Johnson and Charlie Robertson launched a comprehensive investigation into the incidents. During the course of their investigation, detectives identified Francisco Garcia-Lorenzo as a person of interest.

Garcia-Lorenzo was arrested Monday after evidence linked him to approximately 10 separate copper wire thefts throughout the County of Madera. Garcia-Lorenzo, a 46-year-old Madera-resident, was booked in at the Madera County Jail for multiple felony charges including grand theft of copper materials and vandalism. The approximate value of the thefts are over $10,000.

“I applaud Detective Johnson and Robertson’s expeditious investigation into the copper wire thefts that have been plaguing our agricultural community,” said Madera County Sheriff Tyson Pogue. “We take these cases seriously, and are committed to protecting the life and property of our community.”

This investigation remains ongoing. Garcia-Lorenzo is expected to face additional charges related to the theft of copper wire from numerous agricultural facilities throughout the county of Madera.

Anyone with information or who believes they may be a victim relating to this case is encouraged to contact Madera County Sheriff’s Detectives at 675-7770.



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