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Sheriff’s office honors employee milestones

For The Madera Tribune

Sheriff’s Sgt. Robert Mollet.


The Madera County Sheriff’s Office would like to proudly recognize the following employees for their years of dedicated service to Madera County:

5 years

Donald Babineaux, Deputy Sheriff II; Michela Babineaux, Deputy Coroner; Michael Chambers, Deputy Sheriff II; Jacob Cox, Deputy Sheriff II; Maricela Davis, Property and Evidence Technician; Enrique Espinoza, Correctional Officer II; Nicole Fuller- Pasley, Senior Public Safety Dispatcher; Jared Holladay, Deputy Sheriff II; Melanie Hopper, Deputy Sheriff II; Eric Munoz, Correctional Officer II; Miguel Soto, Deputy Sheriff II; Ryan Videgain, Sheriff’s Sergeant; Jose Villegas, Deputy Sheriff II; and Laurel Wright, Program Assistant II.

10 years

Aaron Baca, Correctional Officer II; Maria Breedlove, Public Safety Records Specialist; Eric Jackson, Deputy Sheriff II; Lynette Lesage, Correctional Corporal; Victoria Mendoza, Public Safety Records Specialist; Robert Moore, Senior Business Systems Information Analyst; Daniella Romero, Crime Scene Specialist; and Stefan Ruiz, Correctional Officer II.

15 years

Whitney Cox, Fiscal Manager; Nicholas Davis, Sheriff’s Sergeant; Richard Delgado, Correctional Officer II; Michael Gordon, Deputy Sheriff II; Miguel Hernandez, Sheriff’s Corporal; Armando Jaramillo, Correctional Officer II; Cherise McAlister, Correctional Officer II; Marcos Plascencia, Sheriff’s Corporal; Jayson Quick, Correctional Sergeant; Andrew Rodriguez, Sheriff’s Corporal; Bryan Schmall, Correctional Officer II; Michael Thomas, Deputy Sheriff II; and Carena Valdez, Community Service Officer.

25 years

Robert Mollet, Sheriff’s Sgt.

“This long list of exemplary employees is a true testament to the dedication and professionalism we pride ourselves in at the Sheriff’s Office,” said Sheriff Tyson Pogue. “I am proud to work alongside these fine men and women.”


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