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Scams, scams… and more scams

Veterans’ Voices is directed toward veterans and their families who have given so much to ensure our freedom in this country. This is an area where you may share your experiences, or read of other veterans’ experiences. We thank you for your service, and hope that you know how much you are loved and appreciated.


It seems like every month or so, a veteran will let me know about a scam that he almost fell for. This one was for a house that he was going to rent in Visalia.

He put an add in the local paper, Facebook and Craigslist, stating that he and his wife were looking for a house to rent around $2,000 per month. He did not hear anything for a few days, then he got a text.

It said to look at the house information that this person sent. He did. It looked like a real nice house. He texted back and asked how much a month. The guy told him that it was going for $2,200 per month with first, last and cleaning deposit. He told them that it was too much. The scammer told him to text him with all of the minimum things that he was looking for in a house rental. He did.

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