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Roll out the crepes

Benoit Prieur, Wikimedia Commons

Garnish apple crepes with whipped cream (or ice cream), slivered almonds and caramel sauce for a real treat.


About a week ago, I was cleaning out a small closet, searching for some notebooks pertaining to a language class I took years ago. I did find them, but was just as thrilled to discover a whole bunch of things I had forgotten about.

One of those things was a cookbook about crepes, Crepe Cookery, by Mable Hoffman. It is just a small paperback, pages yellowed with age, the cover missing and some pages had clearly been cut out.

Now, I would never do something like that to any book, so this one must have been a freebie I picked up somewhere. Yard sale, maybe? The book was published in the early ‘70s.



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