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Ready, set, GO!

Jill Wellington,

Scent your kitchen with the aroma of home-baked gingerbread cookies for the holiday season.


An amazing thing happens to me every year at this time. Not amazing in a good way, but something very perplexing and I can’t figure out how to stop it. Many of you can probably relate to this phenomenon.

You go through the year, keeping up (or trying to) with all the things you need or want to do, while the sands in the hourglass keep trickling from the top to the bottom. The pages of the calendar flip from one to another as if they are blown by a strong wind. Next thing you know, it is the Christmas (or other winter holidays) season, and we scratch our heads and wonder, “How did this happen so fast? Christmas already? Where did the yeavr go?”

Maybe it’s the pressure we feel from the merchandising end of the holiday spectrum, since we start seeing things like Christmas in July, and August, September, October, November. You get the feeling that if you do not have your Christmas act together months before the actual holiday, then it is already too late.


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