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Police department issues safety warning

The signs are all over town as the various Safe and Sane fireworks stands are being assembled and stocked. The Madera Police Department looks forward to the celebrations and everyone having a good time.

This is a sobering reminder that plenty of illegal fireworks are purchased and used this time of year. It also serves as a reminder that fires and destruction of property can and does occur as a result of these dangerous explosives.

The department is actively conducting sting operations in an attempt to seize as many of these illegal fireworks as possible, and will be out in force looking for the sources of these explosives.

If you are caught with illegal fireworks you will be arrested, cited and possibly fined up to $1,000.

Remember, only fireworks with the State of California Fire Marshal seal are safe to use.

Safety is the department’s main concern, and why it is making this a priority.


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