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Opinion: Let it be bright, outside and in!

What, do you suppose, happens once in a blue moon? Someone from “the government” actually helps you? You missed hitting the Lottery by only three numbers? You got your car washed, and the birds didn’t notice? Nah!

That’s small potatoes compared to what’s in store for all of us in just 4 days. On Wednesday evening, August 30/31, while our celestial satellite is visible in the night sky, it will be closer to Earth than it’s been in years. And, it won’t be this close again until 2037.

When the distance to the moon is roughly 222,000 miles from Earth and it’s a Full Moon, it’s called a supermoon. It appears much bigger than it normally does, and it lights up the sky (barring inclement weather and certain environmental and atmospheric conditions). We had a supermoon earlier this month (August 1/2), at which time our natural satellite was 222,159 miles away. However, the coming supermoon will be a scant 222,043 miles distant from our planet, and it will appear to be bigger than previous Full Moons.


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