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Opinion: As spring approaches, cat hair falls

First published in The Madera Tribune, on Saturday March 3, 2013.

I know spring is here because the cat is starting to shed, and I am looking for the telephone number of the fellow with the truck who comes by to haul the hair away once I have piled it up with the leaf blower.

I often think it is too bad somebody hasn’t thought of something to do with all the extra cat hair that accumulates in warm weather, especially at our house. Could it be used to insulate houses? Could it be used for making doormats? Could it be used for making garage carpets? Stuffing mattresses?

I know barbers who save human hair and put it in their compost piles. If a cat owner did put cat hair in the compost pile, mice probably would stay away from any gardens that were dressed with that compost. But dogs might chase around and dig in it.



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