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Olives on parade

Kgbo, Wikimedia Commons

Add some sun-dried tomatoes to an olive and rosemary focaccia for extra flavor.


While I have featured olive recipes before, there certainly are a lot more available to try. Lately, I have been on an olive kick.

My favorites are the ones that are not pickled in vinegar, such as the black “ripe” olives and the green “buttery” kind. I also love the black dry-cured type, even though it’s probably a safe bet to say the taste is an acquired one that most people don’t like. The price for olives has gone up more than a few notches, and I can only hope the farmers get a fair share of that, since the cost of farming has also risen a lot.

I once heard that if you place an olive in the bathtub, most cats cannot resist leaping at it and batting it around. I have never tried it, but I think I would get a lot of laughs from it. On to the recipes now.



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