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Old Timers’ Day Parade brought flood of memories

For The Madera Tribune

Madera got another three-story building in 1913, this time on the north side of Yosemite Avenue.


Old Timers Day in 2007 was a grand day for this writer. For some reason, the Kiwanis Club designated him to be Grand Marshall of Madera’s annual Old Timers’ Day Parade. Then to top it off, Tom DaSilva offered to drive him down Yosemite Avenue in a beautiful, classic, 1931 Cadillac.

Tom and I talked a lot about that automobile — how his brother, the late Lee DaSilva had acquired it, and how much work it took to get it running. We talked about his parents and some bits and pieces of Madera’s past. We agreed to get together again soon to continue our conversation.

It was such a thrill to drive down Yosemite Avenue, wave to the crowds, and reminisce about old Madera. It was like being pulled between the past and the present, and I will have to confess that on at least one occasion the past won.


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