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MCC sees off grads

For The Madera Tribune

Madera Community College Class of 2022 graduates move their tassels during their commencement ceremony to signify graduating on May 20.


The following is a list of graduates from Madera Community College.

Associate In Arts & Science Degree Candidates

Yesenia R. Aguirre- AS — Biological Science, **Marco Saul Alarcon- AS -T — Biology, **Emanuel Alvarado- AA-T — Elementary Teacher Education, Samantha A. Andrade- AA-T — Psychology, **Liza M. Angeles- AA-T — Psychology, *Brianna Noelanie Anthony- AS — Biological Science, Jesyca Abby Arellano- AA-T — Elementary Teacher Education, **Jennifer Lizbeth Arevalo- AS — Biological Science, *Daniela Arias-Conde- AS -T — Business Administration, **Matthew James Arroyo-Soliz- AS — Biological Science, Alexis Marie Austin- AS — Licensed Vocational Nursing, and *Anthony Manuel Azevedo- AA-T — Studio Arts.

*Lucero Bahena Penaloza- AA-T — Elementary Teacher Education, Jamie L. Baldridge- AA — Liberal Studies, America Barriga- AS -T — Early Childhood Education, **Victor Barrios Jr.- AS — Biological Science; - AA-T — Kinesiology, *Krystal Cheree Bates- AS — Licensed Vocational Nursing; - AS — Biological Science, **Joshua Paul Bonham- AS — Welding Technology; - AS — Machine Tool Technology, Daisy Bravo- AS — Biological Science, **Faith Osebhahieme Brown- AS — LVN-RN, *Arianna Michelle Bruno- AS -T- Administration of Justice; AA-T — Psychology; AA-T — Sociology, *Mary Nicole Candelaria- AS — LVN-RN, **Christina Lynn Canizales- AS — Biological Science, Jacqueline Carino- AA-T — Sociology, *Adriana Carrasco- AA-T — Elementary Teacher Education, **Danielle Nicole Castaneda- AA-T — Psychology, Perla Junnuett Chavez- AS -T- Administration of Justice, Mary Tashina Tuppayuni Chepo- AS -T — Business Administration, **Zara Lynn Childers- AA — Social Science, *Jasmine Naomi Cisneros- AS -T — Early Childhood Education, *Bobbi Dawn Cooper- AS -T- Administration of Justice;- AS — Biological Science; AA-T — Philosophy; - AA-T — Psychology; - AA-T — Sociology, Nancy Valeria Corona- AA-T — Psychology, *Erika Correa Nunez- AS — Biological Science, *Jessica Correa Nunez- AS — Biological Science, Lucia Cortez- AS -T- Administration of Justice, *Emily Madison Crabtree- AA-T — Communication Studies, **Veronica Edith Cruz- AS — Biological Science, and ***Steve Cruz Garcia Jr.- AS — Licensed Vocational Nursing.

Vanessa Dang- AS — Licensed Vocational Nursing, Jacqueline Evelyn Daza- AA-T — Psychology; AA-T — Sociology, *Gabino Diaz- AS — Biological Science, **Lorraine Diaz- AS -T — Early Childhood Education, Mariah Elaine Echevarria- AA-T — Sociology, *Megan Eischen- AS — LVN-RN, *Jasmine Escobedo- AA — Communication; AA-T — Communication Studies, **Julianna M. Esquivel- AA — Liberal Studies; AA-T — Elementary Teacher Education, *Yolanda Marta Fall- AS - Accounting, **Kimberly Vecina Farias- AS — LVN-RN, **Evelyn Flores-Cruz- AS — Biological Science; AA-T — Elementary Teacher Education, and **Ricardo Fonseca-Zamora- AA-T — Psychology; AA-T — Sociology.

**Dadne Janett Galindo- AS -T — Early Childhood Education, **Deisy Garcia- AS -T — Business Administration, **Feliciana Marie Gaspar- AS — Child Development; AS-T — Early Childhood Education, Stephany Elizabeth Gomez-Ortiz- AS — Biological Science, *Aldis Gomez-Soto- AA-T — Spanish, *Amelia N. Gonzalez- AA-T — Kinesiology, Rogelio Solis Gonzalez- AA — Liberal Studies, *Savannah Gonzalez- AA — Liberal Studies, Alicia Gordillo- AS — Biological Science, *Natalie Carlene Grijalva- AS — Biological Science; AA-T — Kinesiology, Lizbet Guzman- AS -T — Business Administration; AS — Business Administration, Entrepreneur, *Nancy Guzman Bautista- AS — Biological Science, and *Yackelin H. Guzman- AS -T — Early Childhood Education.

*Adriana Victoria Heredia- AS -T — Business Administration, *Jacqueline Hernández- AS — LVN-RN, **Laure Y. Hernandez- AS — Speech-Language Pathology Assistant, **Marcelina Elizabeth Hernandez- AS — Biological Science, *Phillip Adames Hernandez III- AS -T- Agriculture Plant Science, *Zully Hernandez- AS — Licensed Vocational Nursing, Francisco Hernandez Vazquez- AA-T — Psychology, Andrea M. Herrera- AS — Criminology-Corrections, **Angelina Lily Hipolito- AA-T — Studio Arts, Brittany Huerta- AS — Biological Science, Olivia Cristina Huerta- AA-T — Spanish, *Cielo Ibarra- AA-T — Psychology, **Brenda Jacinto- AS — Licensed Vocational Nursing, ***Kayla Ray Kliewer- AA — Liberal Arts & Sciences: Arts & Humanities, **Octavio Lara- AS — Speech-Language Pathology Assistant, *Karina Natalie Lopez- AS — Biological Science, Karime Lopez-Avilez- AS -T- Administration of Justice, Latricia Eileen Lorance- AA-T — Psychology, and **Katelyn Elizabeth Ly- AS — Biological Science.

*Alondra Maciel- AS — Child Development; AA — Liberal Studies, **Marisela Maciel- AS -T — Business Administration, *Jessica Maravilla- AA-T — Elementary Teacher Education; AA — Liberal Studies, *Lynnet Maravilla- AS -T- Administration of Justice; - AA-T — Psychology, *Cristal Analisa Martinez- AA-T — Sociology, *Daphne Alisa Martinez- AS -T — Mathematics, *Fernando Martinez- AS -T — Business Administration, *Gabriela Lizethe Martinez- AS — Biological Science, *Gisselle Araceli Martinez- AS -T- Administration of Justice, Griselda Abigail Martinez- AA-T — Psychology, Martha A. Martinez- AA-T — Psychology; - AA-T — Sociology, *Sulma Zenaida Martinez- AS -T — Early Childhood Education, **Brenda Guadalupe Martinez- Peralta- AS -T — Business Administration, Dominique Caroline I. Medina- AA-T — Sociology, **Gladys Mendez- AS — Child Development; AS-T — Early Childhood Education, **Isaac Mendez- AS -T — Business Administration; AA-T — Economics, **Yolanda de Jesus Mendez- AS — Biological Science, *Jesus Antonio Mendoza Arroyo- AA-T — Communication Studies; AA-T Spanish, *Claire Elizabeth Rose Menyhay- AS — Biological Science, **Edgar Meza Flores- AS — LVN-RN, *Lauren Marie Miller- AS -T — Business Administration, **Maria Josefina Mireles Diaz- AS — Child Development, *Ramon Monterrey- AA-T — Sociology, *Haydee Carmina Morales- AS -T- Agriculture Plant Science, **Luis Fernando Morales- AS -T — Business Administration, and Karla Enedina Munoz- AA-T — History.

**Alyssa Keana Navarro- AS — Biological Science, *Jennifer Neri- AA-T — Psychology, *Sophia K. Obregon- AA-T — Kinesiology, *Gabriela Ruby Pacheco- AS -T — Business Administration, Dezerea Cherish Pack- AS -T- Agriculture Business, *Provinder Singh Padda- AS -T- Agriculture Business, **Amma Noelle Kayesha Parker- AS — LVN-RN, *Andre Martin Patterson- AS — Criminology-Corrections, *Corina Denise Perez- AS — Biological Science, **Jessica Star Pickles- AS — Speech-Language Pathology Assistant, *Karen Lilian Pinkston- AS — LVN-RN, Jessica Joanna Prado- AS -T- Administration of Justice, Alexandria Monae Pulido- AS — Biological Science, and Elizabeth Quintero- AS — LVN-RN.

Erika Ramirez- AS — Biological Science, **Lizbeth Christina Ramirez- Alcala- AS — Biological Science, *Tyler Lee Ray- AS — Engineering, Tiana Angelique Reed- AS — Biological Science, *Blanca O. Resendez- AS — Child Development, Dulce Irene Rios- AS — Biological Science, *Gabriela Paige Roberts- AS — Speech-Language Pathology Assistant, *Audrey Rebecca Rose Romero- AS — Child Development, *Elizabeth Marie Rooney- AA — Liberal Studies, **Victoria Ali Rosales Valdez- AS — Biological Science; AA-T — Psychology, Ryan Wesley Rousey- AS -T- Agriculture Plant Science, **Siltia Rueda Campos- AA-T — Psychology; AA-T — Sociology, **Angela Mariana Sahagun- AS — Biological Science; AA-T — Kinesiology, Aurora Salazar- AS -T — Business Administration, *Alexia Sanchez- AS -T — Business Administration, *Articia Marissa Sandoval- AS — Biological Science, **Margarita Santiago Vasquez- AS -T — Early Childhood Education, *Joshua Manuel Sarabia- AA-T — History; AA-T — Philosophy; AA-T — Political Science, Zachary Wyatt Schoettler- AS -T — Mathematics, ***Jillian Elizabeth Searcy- AS -T — Business Administration; AS Administrative Assistant, *Saylene Araceli Servin- AS — LVN-RN, Kassidy Kalynn Silva- AS -T — Early Childhood Education, *Cornelia Y. Solis- AS - Accounting, *Ely Jazmin Solis Zarate- AS -T — Business Administration, *Nicole Natalie Soto- AS -T — Business Administration, **Jerry Dewayne Spann- AS — Information Systems, Information Technology- Support Option, and Jonathan Charles Stoermer- AA-T — History.

*Sylvia Tabarez- AS — Licensed Vocational Nursing, *Julian Torres- AS -T- Administration of Justice, *Yvette Torres- AS — Speech-Language Pathology Assistant, *Alicia Desiree Trujillo- AS -T — Early Childhood Education, Maria Isabel Udave- AS — LVN-RN; AS — Biological Science, Biby Underhill- AA-T — Elementary Teacher Education, Mary I. Uribe- AA-T — Communication Studies, Jazmin Vaca- AS -T — Business Administration, *Lisa N. Valdivia Gonzalez- AA — Liberal Studies, **Veronica Molina Vargas- AS — Child Development, **Leilani Vazquez- AA-T — Elementary Teacher Education, **Ramiro Asaiah Velasquez- AS — Criminology- Law Enforcement, *Elizabeth Villa Manzo- AS — Biological Science.

*** Summa Cum Laude (4.0 GPA); ** Magna Cum Laude (3.50 to 3.99 GPA); * Cum Laude (3.00 to 3.49 GPA),

Certificate Candidates

Students who completed one or more Career Technical Education (CTE) program, Certificate of Achievement (CA)

Marco Saul Alarcon- CA — IGETC for UC, Emanuel Alvarado- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Samantha A. Andrade- CA — IGETC for UC, Liza M. Angeles- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Brianna Noelanie Anthony- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Jesyca Abby Arellano- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Daniela Arias-Conde- CA — Business Foundations; CA — CSU GE Breadth, Matthew James Arroyo-Soliz- CA — CSU GE Breadth; CA — IGETC for UC, Sarahann Christine Aston- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Anthony Manuel Azevedo- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Lucero Bahena Penaloza- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Jamie L. Baldridge- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Victor Barrios Jr.- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Krystal Cheree Bates- CA — Licensed Vocational Nursing, Joshua Paul Bonham- CA — Machinist; CA — Manufacturing 1; CA — Welder, and Arianna Michelle Bruno- CA — CSU GE Breadth.

Jacqueline Carino- CA — IGETC for UC, Adriana Carrasco- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Perla Junnuett Chavez- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Zara Lynn Childers- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Jasmine Naomi Cisneros- CA — Child Development; CA — CSU GE Breadth, Bobbi Dawn Cooper- CA — CSU GE Breadth; CA — IGETC for UC, Nancy Valeria Corona- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Lucia Cortez- CA — IGETC for CSU, Emily Madison Crabtree- CA — Communication Studies; CA — CSU GE Breadth, Veronica Edith Cruz- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Lorraine Diaz- CA — Child Development; CA — IGETC for UC, Gladys M. Doradea- CA — Office Assistant, Mariah Elaine Echevarria- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Jasmine Escobedo- CA — CSU GE Breadth; CA — Speech Aide, and Ruby Verehice Espinoza- CA — Child Development.

Kimberly Vecina Farias- CA — Licensed Vocational Nursing, Lannette Flores- CA — Medical Administrative Assistant; CA — Office Assistant, Evelyn Flores-Cruz- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Dadne Janett Galindo- CA — Child Development; CA — CSU GE Breadth, Deisy Y. Garcia- CA — Business Foundations; CA — CSU GE Breadth, Sara A. Garcia- CA — Child Development, Feliciana Marie Gaspar- CA — Child Development, Aldis Gomez-Soto- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Savannah Gonzalez- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Alicia Gordillo- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Lucila Granados- CA — IGETC for UC, Natalie Carlene Grijalva- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Lizbet Guzman- CA — 21st Century Job Skills; CA — Business Foundations; CA CSU GE Breadth, Nancy Guzman Bautista- CA — CSU GE Breadth, and Yackelin H. Guzman- CA — Child Development; CA — CSU GE Breadth.

Laure Y. Hernandez- CA — Speech Aide, Francisco Paz Hernandez Vazquez- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Andrea M. Herrera- CA — Criminology-Law Enforcement, Angelina Lily Hipolito- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Olivia Cristina Huerta- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Latisha Lexie Huffman- CA- Associate Teacher; CA — Child Development, Cielo Ibarra- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Octavio Lara- CA — CSU GE Breadth; CA — Speech Aide, Rafael I. Lopez- CA — Manufacturing 1; CA — Welder, Latricia Eileen Lorance- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Katelyn Elizabeth Ly- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Alondra Maciel- CA — Child Development, Marisela Maciel- CA — 21st Century Job Skills; CA — Business Foundations; CA CSU GE Breadth, Geneva S. Madril- CA- AS Associate Teacher, Jessica Maravilla- CA — IGETC for CSU, Lynnet Maravilla- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Areli Martinez- CA — IGETC for UC, Cristal Analisa Martinez- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Daphne Alisa Martinez- CA — IGETC for CSU, Fernando Martinez- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Gabriela Lizethe Martinez- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Gisselle Araceli Martinez- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Martha A. Martinez- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Sulma Zenaida Martinez- CA — Child Development; CA — CSU GE Breadth, Brenda Guadalupe Martinez- Peralta- CA — 21st Century Job Skills; CA Business Foundations; CA — CSU GE Breadth, Mindy S. McClung- CA — Business Foundations, Dominique Caroline I. Medina- CA — CSU GE Breadth; CA — IGETC for CSU, Gladys Mendez- CA — Child Development; CA — CSU GE Breadth; CA — Early Intervention Assistant; CA — Speech Aide — , Isaac Mendez- CA — CSU GE Breadth; CA — IGETC for UC; CN — Honors, Jesus Antonio Mendoza Arroyo- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Lauren Marie Miller- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Ramon Monterrey- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Annastasia M. Montrose- CA — IGETC for UC, Luis Fernando Morales- CA — CSU GE Breadth, and Karla Enedina Munoz- CA — CSU GE Breadth.

Elizabeth Negrete- CA- Associate Teacher, Sophia K. Obregon- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Priscilla Margarita- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Ochoa-Lujan — - CA — IGETC for CSU; CA — IGETC for UC, Litzy Merari Orduna Pozos- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Gabriela Ruby Pacheco- CA — CSU GE Breadth; CA — IGETC for UC, Provinder Singh Padda- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Sarah Porter- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Jessica J. Prado- CA — IGETC for UC, Lizbeth Christina Ramirez-Alcala- CA — CSU GE Breadth; CA — IGETC for UC, Blanca O. Resendez- CA- Associate Teacher; CA — Child Development, Victoria Ali Rosales Valdez- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Siltia Rueda Campos- CA — CSU GE Breadth, and Annilee Jayne Russell- CA — CSU GE Breadth.

Angela Mariana Sahagun- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Aurora Salazar- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Margarita Santiago Vasquez- CA — Child Development; CA — CSU GE Breadth, Joshua M. Sarabia- CA — IGETC for UC, Jillian Elizabeth Searcy- CA- Accounting; CA — Business Foundations, Saylene Araceli Servin- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Kashish Sharma- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Kassidy Kalynn Silva- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Ely Jazmin Solis Zarate- CA — Business Foundations; CA — CSU GE Breadth, Nicole Natalie Soto- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Jerry Dewayne Spann- CA — 21st Century Job Skills, and Jonathan Charles Stoermer- CA — CSU GE Breadth. Rosalyne Talavera- CA- American Sign Language Conversational Proficiency, Alicia Desiree Trujillo- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Scharleen Marie Twisselmann- CA- Administrative Assistant; CA — Medical Administrative Assistant, Biby Underhill- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Mary I. Uribe- CA — Communication Studies, Catalina Valdez- CA — IGETC for UC, Lisa N. Valdivia Gonzalez- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Veronica Vargas- CA — Child Development, Leilani Vazquez- CA — CSU GE Breadth, Ramiro Asaiah Velasquez- CA — Criminology-Law Enforcement, and Joslyn Renee Williams- CA — Business Foundations.


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